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Refrigerant R22 Freon

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R22 refrigerant ( R-22) , an HCFC, has properties providing for a broad range of applications, including residential air conditioning, refrigeration, and other cooling applications. R-22 is going through a mandatory phase out, according to the schedule set by the Montreal Protocol. End-users should consult their local wholesaler or refrigerant manufacturer for more information on the R-22 phase-out.

R-22 is used in a variety of applications, including residential and commercial air conditioning, refrigeration, chillers, room air conditioning, transport refrigeration, and other comfort cooling and refrigeration applications.

Properties & Performance:
R-22 has properties making it a useful refrigerant in many air conditioning and refrigeration applications.R-22 is a single component, non-flammable, non-toxic refrigerant with an A1 ASHRAE safety rating.

R-22 works with mineral oil, alkylbenzene oil, or POE oil. End-users should check with the equipment manufacturers guidelines for specific oil selection directions.

Charging with R-22 can be done either as a vapor or a liquid. End-users should check with their equipment manufacturers guidelines for specific charging instructions.

Properties R-22
Average Molecular Weight ( g/ mol) 86.5
Normal Boiling Point ( ° F) -41.5
Critical Temperature ( ° F) 205.1
ASHRAE Safety Group Classification A1
Ozone Depletion Potential ( ODP) 0.055
Global Warming Potential ( GWP) 1, 810

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Antony Djunaedi [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Mobile Number:081554354265 (Mohon SMS dgn nama PT/CV, kota, nama barang dan kuantitasnya)
Phone Number:+62 31 503 7767
Fax Number:+62 31 503 2234
Address:Graha SA, Jl. Raya Gubeng 19-21
Surabaya 60281, Jawa Timur
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